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Come in, sit down and enjoy some peace from real life while your feet get pampered.  Whether you sit and relax and fall asleep, or you relax while wanting to chat, I am here to make your feet look and feel the best they can. I work with the best foot products out there.  Gehwol Fusskraft is a German company who have been around since the first world war. In fact, they made the product specifically for the soldiers to help treat trench foot. Til this day, I will never use anything different. Then lets finish off with some OPI polish to make those toes of yours stand out and shine. 

Sit Down Sista Pedicure     -65

This pedicure is the top of the line.  It starts with a nice soak in a warm herbal foot bath.  While sitting on the comfy table, I will work my best to get rid of all calloused areas, trim up your cuticles, and cut n' file your toenails.  From there a nice sugar scrub on your foot and ankle area to exfoliate any dry skin followed by hot towels to rinse it off.  A relaxing foot and leg massage to put you into a deeper relaxing state, as well as it always puts me into a deep relaxation ;) I finish the treatment off with hot paraffin wax if you would like it, this is complimentary, so if you don't want it, you don't need to have it.  Your choice of OPI polish is applied to make your toes shine!

Stop n Go Pedicure     -46​

This pedicure is for the people that don't quite have the time to stay for a full length of time, or for those that just need a refresh because their feet are still good from the last pedi.  Your feet start off by relaxing in a herbal foot bath soak.  Once on the comfy table, I will work on cutting, filing and buffing your toenails and trimming up your cuticles.  No callous removal is done in this pedicure, but an exfoliating sugar scrub is applied to the foot and ankle area.  Hot towels take the sugar scrub off and a lotion application/mini massage is done to help give those deserving feet some love.  Your choice of OPI polish is applied to make them happy again.

Clip n Nip Pedicure       -31

This is your pedicure on the run.  Or for the elderly clients who don't want to pay $50 to their doctor just to get their nails clipped.  A quick soak in the herbal foot bath. Toenails will be cut, filed and buffed.  Cuticles will be pushed backed and cleaned up.  A quick lotion application and you are set free.  No callous removal, no sugar scrub, no massage and no polish.  Just a cleanup.

What our customers are saying

I have been going to Laura for more years than I can count.  She keeps you coming back for amazing facials, pedicures, waxes and many more services by being thorough and present. She truly is a wonderful lady and cares about how you're enjoying your service.  I dare you to give her a try because you will not be disappointed.

Charlene L.- Mission, BC

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