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Let's talk about hands.....our hands are constantly being used.  There isn't one day where you aren't using your hands.  So why not show them some love.  Whether it's for a regular appointment or a special occasion, I am here to help make your hands look their best.  I don't however, do false nails. But once again, I do have people I can recommend for you to see. 

Sit Down Sista Manicure     -62

Just like the Sit Down Sista Pedicure, this is the full meal deal.  Your regular nail care of filing and buffing, and your cuticle care is the start of this manicure.  Your nails soak in a herbal bath to soften the skin to make my job easier and to help take any tiredness out of your hands.  Once I'm done with the nail and cuticle work the rest is relaxation.  Sugar scrub on the hands and a hand massage will leave your hands feeling so relaxed, you won't be making dinner that night.  Paraffin wax is applied to help the lotion set deeper into the skin and to help relieve any achy joints as well as leaving the hands super soft.  Your choice of OPI polish is applied at the end. 

Stop n Go         -45

This manicure is a popular one for the regular clients that keep up with their hand maintenance. Nails are filed and buffed while cuticles are pushed and trimmed as needed.  Nails soak in a herbal bath and hands are massaged with a hydrating hand cream. OPI polish that has been selected by yourself is applied to give it a nice finish. No sugar scrub and no paraffin. 

Clip n Nip          -31

This manicure is booked mostly by the clients that are trying to get their nails healthy again, clients who prefer not to wear polish, or the elderly individuals who simply cannot do it themselves anymore.  Your nails will be filed and buffed.  Your cuticles will be pushed back and cleaned up as needed.  I will give you a small mini hand massage and once done, a nail strengthener is applied unless you don't want one. A nice and fast service. No sugar scrub, no paraffin and no polish.

What our customers are saying

Great atmoshphere, relaxing.  Laura is the best masseuse. Excellent experience. She's also a great eyelash technician.

Karen S.- Agassiz, BC

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