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Massage is a service I have always enjoyed doing.  I have had people relax to the point that they fall asleep, start crying because they let go of stress or just completely tell me they aren't getting off my table and that they are laying there all night. Giving people the relaxation that they all deserve isn't an easy task.  But if I am able to do it, then I feel like I've done my part. I use holly oil as my carrier oil, and then add special blends from Doterra to create the scent and treatment that I think you need, with your help of course. 

Hot Stone Massage          -100

This is a must!!!    I can promise you that you will be able to tell that this is my favourite massage.  My favourite one to give, and my favourite one to receive.  Hot basalt rocks are heated to a certain temperature.  These rocks are placed under and on your different chakra points to help balance you out.  I warm the oil before placed onto your skin, and then glide these rocks all over giving you a warming experience.  The heat penetrates deeper into your muscles allowing your muscles to relax to a state you've never experienced.  Hot towels remove the oil at the end of the service so you aren't left feeling to oily.  Once you get up from my table, you feel like you're in your own little cloud.  Like you've had a glass or two of wine.  This massage is best at the end of your day, and even better when it's a colder, wet day. 

Full Body Massage      -70

An hour of pure bliss....let's pick a scented oil and put you deep into relaxation.  Chose your level of pressure, light, medium or firm.  Decolette, arms, legs and back will be treated to help loosen up your muscles.  Hot toweling allows me to remove any oil left on your skin and gives you that special warmth that we all love.  

Back n Neck      -40

A half hour massage just on my back?  Yes please!  Weekly treatments, bi weekly treatments, or just once in awhile.  I am here to help.  A great treatment to get done if you suffer from tight muscles and need to see a chiropractor or get needling done.  Come see me first to loosen your muscles so you can get the most out of your other treatments. 

1 Hr Baby Bump Massage   -80

Remember those days when you could sleep on your stomach for the whole night anytime you wanted.  Now you have a little human being growing inside of you and laying on your stomach is no longer an option.  Well guess have that option now.  I have a specialized pregnancy pillow that gives your shoulders and hips the support they need to help prop you up enough to make it feel like you are laying on your tummy.  No Joke!!  This was my best friend the last few months of my pregnancies.  You will be amazed at how comfortable it is.  Now you can get a full body massage the normal way, instead of having to lie on your side.  What a great gift for those whom are expecting, or just a treat for yourself.

What our customers are saying

Every time I get a massage by Laura all my worries and thoughts disappear in that moment.  Then I fall asleep....Always!  Thanks Laura for bringing peace and relaxation to my busy life.

Linda - Langley. BC

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